About Lee Conrad and “Watching IBM”

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Lee Conrad was the national coordinator of Alliance@IBM CWA local 1701 from 2000 to 2016. Before that he worked at IBM in Endicott, NY for 26 years. During that time he was an outspoken workplace activist and founder of IBM Workers United. Lee has been involved with IBM worker issues locally, state wide, nationwide and internationally. He has been quoted extensively in major newspapers, trade magazines, books and other media.

Lee is a member of the National Writers Union.

Watching IBM will continue the work of information gathering and sharing that IBM employees, ex-employees, the media and the public need in order to understand the changes taking place inside the company.

Contact: watchingIBM @ gmail.com


From Alliance@IBM to “Watching IBM




3 Responses to About Lee Conrad and “Watching IBM”

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  2. Anonymous band 6 says:

    Please post this as anonymous. Still lots of layoffs happening in Canada. Contractors this time. They are slowly wiping out everyone outside the super centre in New Brunswick (called APC). By December 2016 most contractors would have been removed. They will replace these contractors with regulars in NB. Turnover and training is horrible. Not enough experience and skills in NB resources. They have no idea what they’re getting into. Canada West staff are down to less than 50% than last year. Client support is already being affected.

    They are taking steps to monitor claim and time worked via TvC and ILC integration. We are now machines.


  3. anonymous says:

    IBM is lying about their cloud revenue growth. The Cloud Sales leader, Steven Cowley, has a history with the SEC as an insider trader


    SEC investigated IBM Cloud revenue reporting in 2014. Ignored the issue or were fooled.


    IBM did a secret internal audit this year which confirmed Cloud Sales are reported wrong.

    IBM CHQ Audit # 16-43-102 dated 5/20/16

    Watch to see how cloud revenue changes over the next year.


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