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Job cut comments from May, April, March 2018

May 2018

From anon: I have been RA’d on May 27th. My last day is end of June. In reading watching IBM (even before I was FIRED) with 145% of quota performance it seems we are helpless. I have already found a new position. At my age I am blessed, but others are not

From anon: 90% in Raleigh, 80% in Dallas, 70% in Ann Arbor

Regarding the Layoff’s in Watson Health this week. This is how it went down:
Managers were notified on Monday there would be a large RA this week, they were NOT given any choices, they were given lists of people that were affected. and were told to tell those people on Thursday morning. Some managers lost entire teams including the managers of those teams.
Damage control started immediately after with managers being told to tell remaining employees that they were safe and not to worry. This was the message that was communicated down from upline managers to staff to prevent the continued voluntary resignations.

Watching IBM From anon: Part of Watson Health layoff today. Over 50 years old. IBMer over 30 years. The message was that there are about 7000 people in Watson Health today and this was a cost cutting exercise. 90 days notice.


Watching IBM Anonymous. 24 y/o impacted by cuts at Truven. Severance the same as most IBMers – 90 days left of work, 1 month severance after that

Watching IBM From anon: IBM Watson Health has initiated a significant RA across multiple offices. The Provider division in Dallas has seen at least 80% affected and 30% in the Truven customer experience group. Awaiting confirmation of details on severance packages but can confirm this was broad and not targeted at a specific demographic (not ageism).

 I was RA’d on Thursday in Dallas and the consensus is that no one really wants to stay because there is no plan for the future and working in an environment where departments are stripped and can no way meet the demands of supporting the existing clients. Personally, I feel lucky. Who knows if the 90 day package and 1 month severance will be offered for the next wave of RA’s (and there will be)

 I just got notified that I am affected by a resource action. I am in the “Platform for Health, LSC Infrastructure DevOps” group and have been working at IBM for 2 years and 11 months now. It looks like a lot of other people in Watson Health were affected. This could be huge.

Wanted to share anonymously about a massive layoff in Watson Health, potentially limited to Provider acquisitions (Phytel, Explorys, Truven). They are laying off 50-70% of staff today. Not sure about total affected since there’s no transparency, but our Dallas office has 230 people. Cleveland and Truven have more, I believe. I was laid off this morning.

 I was RA’d Thursday from Dallas Office. Only small crew of 16 remained to prepare for last selloff expected before end of 2018. We are receiving news from other offices about losing of contracts and massive layoffs of key technical people. It is not a just a bit of shrinking, it will hit Watson Health 2018 heavily as many projects promised to be delivered this summer and second half of 2018 are abandoned. Releases of many key applications that were a joint effort between multiple offices were expected during the next 3 months and are all now cancelled.

April 19, 2018

Watching IBM Anon: “I too was RA’d on April 19 from Cloud Platform. Yesterday was an awkward conversation with an ill prepared team of managers who fumbled through a script.
The logic still escapes me. I’ve been a 2, 2+ and 1 throughout my 10+ year career; and 2017 was my best year. It’s a sad state for IBM clients – the value and knowledge continues to be shown the door.”
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post as anon.
Joined IBM as a dev straight out of college and was thrown on one of the watson health acquisitions; RA’d on 4/19 with <2 years at IBM. I knew the risks before I joined, wish I could say the same for others.
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Watching IBM Anon pls. RA’d a week ago from GTS Australia. Job moved overseas. Age 57, with 11 years at IBM. ~90 days notice, plus statutory 14 week redundancy pay. Very sad about what the once great IBM has become.
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Watching IBM Anon: There was a blood bath in the Atlanta iX office on Thursday. Most of the people not associated with the Apple project or Events
were let go. It didn’t seem to matter how well utilized we were or not. I am on a big, long-term project.
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Watching IBM Please post anon: RA’ed with last day of 7/18 with 90 days notice and 1 month severance. Been with IBM for 5 yrs, previously with Systems, now with GBS. Good rating throughout tenure. PM, 1st and 2nd line want me to deliver results till my last day. Do they have the right to force me to do that? I thought 90 days is for me to sharpen skills and look for jobs.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post anonymously. 12 years with the company, good ratings. Got the notice today. Age 59. 90 day work, 30 day severance.
Are we eligible to collect unemployment, or is that signed away? I won’t receive my package until Monday. Thanks.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post as anon: RA’d as 2nd year “CbDer” not performance based but due to “FiNaNcIaL rEaSoNs” located in Chicago and in my mid 20s. Heard many others in the program in their 2nd year are getting the same notification or 1st years are being threatened to take some bogus training to help keep their jobs for like another 4 months.
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Watching IBM Anon: My husband just got notice of being R/A’d yesterday. He’ll have been there 10 years as he’s wrapping up his time…
Does this group have discussion boards on dealing with R/A’s? I think it could be good for him to talk to others who have experienced something similar.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post anonymously: IBM RA actions in UK in Account Management, 15 years in IBM busting a gut to fuel those on plans bonus, 1 performer, delighted client etc Job outsourced to Eastern Europe. Statutory minimum redundancy which is in effect 1.5 mths salary.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM in response to question asked on 4/19 thread regarding ireland
-> The severance payment is based on 5 weeks pay per year of service, calculated on reference salary average over the previous 3 years. The severance payment will be capped at a maximum of 24 months reference salary.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Post anonymous please. RA today after 17 years of technical consulting. I have not been on the bench in the last 13 years. My current project is just about up and I found another assignment in 2 days. This is a position that has been open since December. I thought I was doing good in helping IBM avoid contractors for this assignment.
Received 1 month of severance pay for 17 years.
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Watching IBM Anonymous please. Beth Ann Vaughn, Vice President of Worldwide SaaS Sales just sent an email to software sellers that said: “IBM has 169 SaaS roles to fill with some in almost ever (sic) GEO and Market. 
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Watching IBM Anon: The redundancy/voluntary separation package being offered in Ireland is 5 weeks salary per year of service. Only a handful of people offered at present, more will be offered very soon.
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Watching IBM Please post anonymously. RA across Cloud SW Europe. -20% to be achieved 1H. Voluntary or well financed in most countries, invol & statutory minimums in the UK (capped at £14k regardless length of service). And this is a strategic imperative…?! 
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Post Anony: numerous hits in WH today as expected. Truvan, eClinical, and others and more to come. Same RA package as noted here already. Different managers are communicating different reasons, some say budgetary cuts, others # of people had to go (false). It is all budgetary. Several people have also resigned in key organizations. 10+ RA’d in WH, more to come. Many over 40. several over 50.
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Watching IBM Please Post Anonymously: RA’ed on 4/19. GBS PS Since 2010. 1 and 2+ ratings my entire career. Fully billable. Have been taking parental leave on a part time basis with almost 2/3 of it unused at this point in an effort to accommodate my project as my job/skills are very specific. 90 day work with 30 day severance.
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Watching IBM Please post Anon:
I’m looking to track anyone impacted by the Canada RA taking place on April 19, 2018. The people I’ve spoken to do not have fair offers and we are looking to gather more evidence and consider our options. 
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Watching IBM Post anonymous. GBS R/As happening. 20 years no rating under a 2 never on bench. Claim it was financial reasons.
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Watching IBM Please post Anon:
I’m impacted by the Canadian RA taking place April 19, 2018. The package being offered is not fair.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon in GBS – just got RA’d with 3 months severance
4 years at IBM age 26

Post anonymous. GBS R/As happening. 20 years no rating under a 2 never on bench. Claim it was financial reasons

 March 29, 2018 job cuts

Watching IBM Anon: I was notified that I would be RA’d today, Thursday, 3/29/18. Last day will be 6/27/18, 90 day notice. In Austin. I have several Redbooks and whitepapers I’ve written in my fields of expertise. Told the reason was that my job had been eliminated .

Watching IBM
Watching IBM From anon: 9 years with IBM from acquisition
58 years old
technical sales position.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon from Canada: A major, global restructuring of IBM Technology Support Services Level 1 & 2 (L1/L2) Remote Support
for traditional IBM logo/Systems & Technology Group (STG) products was announced Tue Apr 3, 2018.

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Watching IBM Anon: Would you please post anon to the thread about the recent cuts: Anyone else finding it difficult to “work” … like nothing just happened and your life’s not been turned upside down? A lot in my own team have no idea cuts are happening at all.

Watching IBM

Watching IBM My husband, 51 years old, who’d like to remain anon, was laid off Thursday after 13+ years with IBM in Operations in Portland, Oregon. 2 weeks’ notice; he’s out 4/12.

Never anything but positive performance reviews and praise. And then, boom.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anonymously shared info: I am sure you know this already but the big packet that came with the RA has at least 2 pages making it clear that to get the 1 month salary and continued medical along with other closing benefits you must sign the agreement waiving all rights to be included in any class action lawsuit resulting from this RA. As expected, there are several references to Age in those disclosures.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Got my notice yesterday also. MidSouth, IBM Analytics, 13 years @ IBM, 54 years old. Know of several others that also got eliminated. 90 day notice as others have mentioned. This one is big, and it’s not because of the work being done in the trenches, but because of the decisions by leadership. Did a big exhale after the call I got, and so much stress just disappeared…

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anonymous please. Tech Seller in Analytics. RA like so many others. Aware of at least 6 more people on the team. Including manager. And the rumor is about 25% of the team is hit.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM please post anonymously- I am a Digital seller working out of Littleton, MA. I received my 90 day notice today. I was not the only one and it was not performance based as we all were over 100% attainment for 2017
At least 10 people in Digital Sales out of Littleton today.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post anonymously.
I received my “Letter of Redundancy Proposal” yesterday (10-Apr). It states that Under the current proposal, effective 30-June my role will no longer be required.
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Watching IBM Anon: From Brazil. IBM BR, GBS Watson, 45 old, 14 years of service last years utilisation 110% and today I have a meeting with 2nd line manager to talk about “plan to prevent the separation” – I know what this means, I’ll be RA (I’m high band) pretty soon – however, I’m not alone, many others – a lot others in the same situation. Brazil not different from other countries.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: One year ago I got the call that I had 90 days left with IBM. Many skilled, talented administrative assistants got laid off in Poughkeepsie, NY by a manager that made no differentiation between assistants who didn’t support clients on-site.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon. I was on vacation last week so I didn’t get a call and thought I was safe. Not so. Got a call first thing Monday morning. Separation 6/2 plus 30 days. 53 years old and 12 years at ibm. Working in unified governance, which was supposed to be a strategic area

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Hi, please keep anonymous, I received 90 day RA packet yesterday. Female, 58 years old with 32 years of service in July. Top performing sales rep in California with high performance ratings. Reason given is that we needed to reduce headcount.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: TSS Australia/NZ teams doing software level 1 support RA’d aside from some taken over to SWG
Unsure how many heads, but 50+ managers / teams affected
This is excused by movement from RETAIN to SalesForce support model.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM please post anonymously. IBM TSS Australia.
Approx 25 IBM Remote Technical Support analysts advised of RA this day. 90 Days notice etc etc…includes aix, websphere, Tivoli and Pureflex and X-Series Remote SoftwareTechnical Support Analysts. 
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post anonymously. In the past 2 days I was surprised when management made a point to warn us about out actions or lack of actions during the 90 day notice period. 
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post anonymously: Were people who were RA’d out of a technical area given an option to enroll in technical re-training? I was RA’d out of a non-technical area, told they were moving to technical jobs, and included that re-training option (though without guarantee of re-hiring of course.) I didn’t see anyone mention that yet..

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: From all the replies looks like you can count on 1 hand the under 50 year olds involved with the cuts.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post anonymous:
Cuts also took place couple of weeks ago in Canada under a Pathways to Retirement package.
You work until end of July for 3 days a week while being paid for 4, and receive a lump sum of 1-2 months more than legally required in your province. This is better than the US packages but very low for Canada. Don’t know how many affected.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post anonymously.
I was also given notice on 3/29/18; last day will be June 27th with one month severance. I’m female, 60 years old with 37 years of service in the North America Global Business Partners organization. Work location is New York.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Post Anon : Houston, 12 years with IBM, NA Sales Team, I am 50. RAed last week. My question is this: Do you just sign the “separation agreement” or hold out for the plethora of lawsuits waiting to happen?

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Got the word on 3/29. Last day is 6/27. One month’s severance if last that long. I am 62, 21 years with IBM. Proj Mgr in IBM Cloud for system builds. Was told it was a skills thing. yeah…right. Bottom line is GTS is laying off US employees…PMs are being hired in Costa Rica…2 new ones onto my team in last 60 days.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM ANON: I urge you all to file with EEOC even if you sign the docs. It’s easy and free: You can even file anonymously or on behalf of someone elseManage
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Watching IBM From Anon: 40 years old. GTS Finance. WFH in New York. Almost 17 years with the company, most in GTS. Was told others in my area are also affected but not how many. Same story: 90 days, job supposedly being eliminated, company moving to more technical skills type jobs “that our customers need.”

Watching IBM
Watching IBM pls anon; 27 years with HR , received the call on Friday march 30, (I was on vacation Thursday) I am 57 years old and worked from home for HR. I got 90 days notice with 30 day severance .
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: I was given 90 days to find another IBM job or bye bye. And that’s after almost 35 years at IBM where my annual appraisals were usually 1 level under super-worker. All last year I was told I’m doing a great job.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM please keep this anonymous. Another one for the list, 54 year old female with 23 years of service got the call Thursday, March 29th, that my role had been eliminated. I work in digital sales, Analytics and Hybrid Cloud software. 
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Dublin, Ireland: About 100 voluntary redundancies have been sought in Ireland across numerous divisions. Despite the offer of 5 weeks pay per year of service, it was a a struggle for IBM divisions to ‘meet the target’ number.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Hello. Wanted to report anon that all contractors located in Austin and Raleigh that worked from home have been issued to go into the office 5 days a week. Notice was a week and a half to prepare. Contractors in non-hub cities that are still working from home have been told business is usual for now. Have heard that contractors in Littleton had to relocate to Raleigh but cannot confirm.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: I was notified yesterday that my role is being eliminated. My separation package is 90 days of continuing employment plus severance equal to one month’s salary. I am a 55-year-old female who’s been with the firm for three years. I was working in a lower ‘band’ level, making less than 100k a year, so I thought I was safe. I wasn’t. Work from home New Mexico.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: 59 years old, part of acquisition of AT&T almost 2 years ago, RA’d yesterday, 90 day notice, last day 6/27/18, in Schaumburg ,IL. No rhyme, No reason. Also, finding out there are plenty others in this RA.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: cuts are in progress in the UK cloud business (aka software) with around a quarter (more than 100) redundancies on statutory minimum by the summer. Tech sales and sales are the focus.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Hi, I just got 90 day notice, IBM GTS RTP, 51 years of age, 11 years at IBM, we just hired a new, young guy, to work on a project for a client I was working for few years ~3 years ago. That makes me wonder if my age has something to do with my layoff.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: RA has begun in Singapore. I was notified on 27 March 2018. Last day will be on 30 April 2018 with standard severance package (2 weeks’ monthly reference salary per year of service). RA reason: Restructuring and realignment of the organization. I’m IBM Cloud technical sales with 6 years of service in IBM.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM anon please. professional hire, West Coast, hybrid cloud. 1.5 years with IBM, 49.
23 (twenty three) quarters of declining revenue… maybe the minions aren’t the problem… Time to take a look at Gru?
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: 20 year IBMer in Cloud. Caught in the GTS Cloud consolidation and RA’ed. Over 50 and they can hire 5 Global Resources for what they pay me, so not that surprised. Good news is IBM’s competitors all seem to be hiring.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Location-US, GTS
19 years with IBM
Age 40+
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: I was told today. 90 days, with June 27th as the last day. I do have another job offer in IBM that just came up last week. It is a solid offer, but I am worried about the offer having to go through some sort of board, which reviews all job offers.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon please: Hybrid Cloud, Work elimination 50 yrs old 20 yrs with IBM. Entire team plus manager. 7 total teammates all near or over 50.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: A large number of Directors & VPs in Communications were hit very hard. Actually the Comms department (PR, Internal Comms) maybe 20-30% – all US…the number I heard was about 100. At a guess, most would be over 50.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Anon please. Security Group. 4 people RA’d that I know of. Two over 60. Various locations. Last day 6/27. One month’s severance.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Please post anon: RA’d today as well, same 3 package options…job elimination…49, female, 19 yrs with IBM, US work from home employee, Global Sales Management Support…job is being moved offshore.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Analytics sales. I was RAd today and know of at least 10 more people in sales including managers. 50 years old 10 years with IBM. Great performer. People I know that were laid off were all around my age.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Age 48, months shy of 20 years. Let go due to skills not aligned with IBM.
S&D New York technical sales
Always high performer.

Watching IBM

Watching IBM From anon: I was notified that I would be RA’d today, Thursday, 3/29/18. Last day will be 6/27/18. Told the reason was that my job had been eliminated.

I have suspected ageism because I am 63 years old and I was told that I needed to build up my skills.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Got notified today. Will be 50 in July, supposed to celebrate 30 years in June with IBM. Same deal….90 days to find a job, then one month of severance. Westchester.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM From anon: Here are the specifics: 90 day notice after almost 9 years at IBM in GTS. I was told others in my unit also got notices….think this is a big layoff with the 90 day notice.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM From anon: I am an ECM Tech Sales Rep age 57 with 17.5 years out of Chicago. RA’d this morning.
Did over 300% of quota last year.
Also know of 11 others across ECM including our 2 TechLine folks.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Sales is getting hit hard especially over 50. My achievement was good, but now they are eliminating the territory. They are guessing it could be 20-30% of sales force.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM anonymously. Got laid off this morning working in communications. US, female, early 50s. 18 years with IBM. In NY.
Watching IBM

Watching IBM -Anon please: IBM has plenty of money to advertise en masse at The Masters but cries poverty and is otherwise RA happy.

I bet 80-90% of the people watching had no clue what they were talking about. Watson to them means Bubba.

Watching IBM please post for me as anon?
I again received a notice that I could take the Techboot camp or the IBM volunteer option. Question: If I select the 90 days separation package with the one month separation that I was offered can/will IBM try to get rid of me BEFORE the 90 days are up? Wondering what experience of others who have been RA’ed has been?

Watching IBM
Watching IBM anon: 5 months pregnant. RA’d, Thursday, 3/29/18. Last day will be 6/27/18, 90 day notice. In NYC. 90 day notice. 1 month severance.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please post anonymously – 20 year employee professional hire moved into management 10 years ago – 60+. Given 90 day notice last week. Technical Sales. Had to RA employee day after I received my notice. Am not telling employees about this because it will dishearten them even more than they already are.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: I was told on 3 29 18 that my last day of work would be June 27 2018. I will be 59 this month and have been with IBM for 18 years. I am out of Maryland and was a direct seller for 12 years and now a Federal Partner Manger for 6 years. 

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Female 56 Cloud Support with 20 years with IBM. 90 day notice.
Watching IBM

Watching IBM Anon: This month in Wroclaw Poland IBM cut 55 Jobs. The people came to the office and were called by their UOL one managers and got a resignation contract.

They had to return their computers immediately and no time to save anything they had on it.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: I was terminated March 30, 2018. Given 1 week notice that I’m being fired for low performance despite testimonial letters from clients, project managers and peers that say the opposite. I work in GBS, so 99% sure my firing is making room for someone offshore, most likely India.
Location: New York, NY
Age 56

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Pls post anonymously: Got RA’d yesterday from the software sales group in So Cal. Same story – 90 days. 54 years old. Not performance related as I’ve been over 100% for 4 years running with good performance reviews. Qualified for the 100% Club Trip but not sure if they will let me go – it’s in mid June.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: age: 55 – 2 years at IBM – Watson/Cloud – Southeast – Tech Seller
Informed of RA on 3/29/18.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon please: Cloud seller. 18 years with IBM. Male (50) Same package as the general pop that received notice. Not performance related. Just IBM cutting costs by letting good people go.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anonymous please. The RA today obliterated Tech Line. I’m 53 and have 11.5 years at IBM.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Atlanta (Sandy Springs), 3 years (acquisition), 48, WCE Tech Seller
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Age 49
Job: Sales role in Comms/CSI market, North America
Years with IBM: 19
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: 59 years old
Acquired 2010. 29 years total service 8 years according at ibm
Ra today.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM From anon: Anonymous please. 57 year old hybrid Cloud seller with 10 years at IBM. Over 400% quota attainment in the last 2 years. Overachieved every year with IBM.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: 57 year old 13 years through acquisition top performer year after year. In analytics sales. East Coast.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Post anon. Smyrna, GA call center hit heavily: All groups here it, including staff and operations jobs (including ALL desk side support)
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Post anonymous please: RA (job elimination) this morning from Systems Group. 20 years with IBM as part of acquisition. Age 48. Austin area.

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Poughkeepsie…Storage…57 year old female

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: 26+ years of service, age 56, Littleton MA, 4 from my group …
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Please keep Anon.
8 years at IBM, SE region, Analytics, 55-60, Male
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: In Feb 2018 82 Administrative Assistants loss there positions from IBM regulars to contractors. How’s that for cutting costs? While Ginni gets $18M

Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: 62 year old female in GTS. 24 years at IBM.
Watching IBM
Watching IBM Anon: Location: NYC
Time with IBM: ~3 years
Age: 27
Watching IBM
Watching IBM please post anonymously. Got laid off this morning working in communications. US, female, 40s 11+ years with IBM. In NY.
Anon: 58, male, 33 years, Raleigh. This ax had been hanging over my head since 1994 and was inevitable. 95% of the people I worked close with are gone. Either via RA or left for greener pastures. Guess it’s my turn.
Anon: Seterus (the mortgage servicer owned by IBM) in Oregon hit today. They say there are only a few. The one I know of is a manager, over 50 and with the company more than 10 years.
Anon -I was RA’d today, 65 years old and 37 years of service. Global role worked from home due to return to an office. My job won’t be replaced. Top performer but makes no difference —when your number is up,that’s it. Lots of disbelief thinking it’s a joke but not funny and not personal. Dad the IBM that cared for people, clients, and the business passed away years ago. At least some of us fortunate to retire.
An RA hit comms yesterday, 25% of the work force, mostly women.
please post as anonymous.
I had my call already today. Last day is June 27. 90 days notice, one month severance. IBM got forced into giving 90 days due to the size of this layoff and thereby tripping the WARN act limits in several states. Someone said that taking the educational assistance will cut back your severance. That’s only true for the technical boot camp option. You can use the $2,500 education assistance option without affecting your severance. I’ll have more info as I get my package tomorrow via overnight. 1Q commissions will be paid, but not all of 2Q since they’re pulling a fast one by dumping people on the 27th, before the end of the month. I’m in US tech sales hybrid cloud.
Watching IBM Please post anonymously. In the less than 60 minutes since I got the call from my BUE informing me that I was being RA’d every single one of my coworkers that I’ve been able to connect to also got the call, including our manager. Sales persons as well. This is big. I’m shook as I will be 65 in less than 3 weeks and who wants an old person…
Please post anon – there is an RA going on at IBM Littleton today. I was notified this morning. We have until 6/27. I work in ICS.
Watching IBM Post as Anonymous – I’m in common services and was also notified. 6/27 is my last date
Please keep this anonymous.

Many of us in the Technical sales arena are getting our walking papers on Thursday, March 29, 2018 with a 90 day notice period.

When the manager’s call was held, the clown that led the call started off by saying the following, “I look forward to working with you all throughout the year on this and other opportunities.” Talk about a lack of situational awareness and a complete lack of empathy…shocking I know. 🙂

HR and the executives on the call kept telling the managers that they need to own the process and the decision of who was let go. One of the managers brought up the concept of Culture, Ethics, and being honest and the fact that IBM has created a toxic culture because we are being forced to lay off people that have done nothing wrong. This is not about their performance, this is about IBM’s lack of execution and strategy and driven strictly by profit/greed. Several managers that had people affected by this action spoke up and applauded him for stepping up and stating the facts as they are. Of course HR and the executives completely sidestepped his factual statement.

Also, for those of us that are forced to lay off our entire department due to the infinite wisdom of our executives…this wasn’t a choice. They want us to tell them it was our choice. Oh sure, that would go over really well. The conversation would go like this, “Hey Joe, I am calling to let you know that you are being laid off along with my entire department and myself….oh and it was all my choice.” LOL (The stupidity and audacity to tell us to let them know it was our decision.)

The Technical Sales organization employed 6,000 people four years ago. During this round of layoffs they are letting go 1,000 more Technical Sales professionals, leaving the organization with less than 3,000 in total to cover the entire North American region.

Ginni has destroyed this once great company. I am no longer proud to say that I am an IBM’er and I haven’t been for the last 6 years. I was hoping it would change and that the board of directors would wake up to her lack of vision, plan, and strategy. She has killed the company and the pride that went along with treating people like people instead of just profits. I am sick and tired of laying off people that have done nothing wrong and have done exactly what was asked of them. I won’t miss looking over my shoulder and having to tell another hard working person that they are being laid off through no fault of their own.


From December 2016

One of the areas not often spoken about, but important is IBM’s facilities group, known as RESO.  This group went through a major organisational change earlier this year.  The new VP, who has been in the role now for one full year after the old exec was finally asked to leave, has lost all control of the global team.  After making his presence known a couple of times in his first couple months, he is completely invisible.  Word down even from middle managers is that he’s nonexistent.  When he is seen, he apparently micromanages some details usually left to architects and engineers, then heads off.

To put his own mark on the group, the new guy relieved the previous Directors of their responsibilities, then promoted lower level managers to new positions of authority after they fawned over him in the first month of his tenure.  The least enjoyed and least respected managers, who climbed on the backs of others, are now the ones calling the shots.  All can see where this is going.

The group is floating in disarray and has become a laughingstock to suppliers and other facility groups around the globe, as well as to the poor souls that try to keep the projects and the facilities running.

The amount of vacant space throughout the company is staggering, and the space utilisation of active buildings is atrocious.  Funds are managed so poorly all to cover up the deep issues, only propagating the problems.

The creation of the so called Agile work spaces are portrayed as modern and sought after, but they are being built only to cover up the existence of empty offices, at a huge capital cost for each project.  Then only to realise the same low utilisations.

Its said the data centre sub teams are asked to perform near miracles, running old centres with tired equipment.  The number of data labs across the globe is astounding but space utilisation is low, with no notable efforts to consolidate.  This only stretches the small number of staff even further.
All of this while the data centre team is led by a stammering finance man who knows little about the technologies and the challenges the staff faces.

Now, layoffs are again being talked about.  Morale is in the cellar.  It’s a near circus. Sad times for a team that, well known or not, has been an underpinning of the IBM business throughout its history, providing infrastructure to all of the other business units and their operations.

Job cuts August 2016

Anon: Still processing the information but there is an RA in progress and “I am affected”. I’m in GTS (work from home Boulder) and do mainframe engagement solutioning but it sounds like it will be larger than GTS. Word is the standard cheepskate severence.

Watching IBM Anonymous please: I made the list today too. Details: 31+ years of service. Std pkg. Currently in Business Transformations Organization. Reason for Severance: Reorg and I am no longer required. Comment: As so many have said, jobs are going over seas.

Watching IBM Please keep anonymous. RA’d after 17 years. Systems Group. Age 49, told it was because of my experience and performance and the direct the business unit is going. Never less than a 2+ in the last 15 years. We all know what is really going on.

Watching IBM Anon: GTS, last day Nov 29th.
Manager seemed stressed reading the official script on the phone.
Asked how many were let go in this RA and he wouldn’t comment on the issue

Watching IBM To my fellows IBMers. Don’t think you are safe – even for a moment. I was terminated today – got a call from a person who is not even my manager.
I was told that my skills and performance are below what is expected on this position. Sounds about right?

Watching IBM Anon: I knew it was gonna happen soon. IBM wants to get the people off the payrolls prior to 12/15, to save the 401k match. I was not affected, not sure about others on the account I am on. to be honest, we have already been decimated to the bare minimum, most of the account has already been replaced with Costa Rica IBMers.

Watching IBM Please keep this anonymous……. GTS Resiliency Services was affected by the RA today. Numerous people with 30+ years of service……Resiliency Services was hit hard in the very last RA. Pretty sad being that they support on-site customers.

Watching IBM PLEASE KEEP ME ANONYMOUS: Just got off a senior leadership call concerning GTS — MORE LAYOFFS are planned going into September. lots of discussion about how much brain trust is leaving and how much is going to fall on those left behind… also the fact that those who are RA’ed are NOT eligable for re-hire… a fact I was unawre…. unreal — really sad

Watching IBM Anonymous…. 19+ years. RA’ed today. Lost two jobs to landed resources from India. IBM = India business machines. GBS. Anybody that thinks they are safe. Your time is coming. But Ginny is building a chalet in the Swiss alps. Good luck. Finally over the waiting. Seen all my friends go before me.

Watching IBM Anon: Well got the call today, 22 years of service and I’ve been RA’d, 90 days with a severance of 1 month. Bitter sweet feelings since I’ve been VERY unhappy with the way things have been going the last few years. I’m in GTS (work from home in Broomfield/Boulder Co.) as a Transition Project Manager.

Watching IBM Anonymous please: Just got word that RAs are happening in GTS. So far, people working in the CICs, myself included, aren’t affected…looks like they’re targeting the wfh people again.

Best of luck to any that are affected.

Watching IBM From anonymous Hi – ugh. I’ve just heard about another RA happening today. An old coworker of mine from GBS is affected. He was notified today and his last day will be Nov. 29. No idea of size/scope of RA. My area here in Analytics was not included this time.

Watching IBM Anon please, RA’d today 19 years 11 months and 21 days when I am walked out. WFH. My GTS entire area is shifted to India. Pretty devastating. I heard around 100 notified.

Watching IBM Anon: in IBM for 20 years, currently in CIO half of the group is RAed because not co-located. Other half to go next year unless they move.

Watching IBM RA in GTS, so far no tech folks hit (but we were decimated on the last round), but heard that US-based PM’s targeted. Please keep anon

Watching IBM Anonymous please. RA’d in GTS US after 24+ years. The usual package. Out 11/29. Midrange OS support on solid commercial account, which is giving new business to IBM and phasing out support from ibm’s competitors. So new revenue on a growing green$$ account not a factor in keeping experienced US staff who know how to deliver.

Watching IBM Just add it to the list…as anonymous of course. But from what I know, alot of Tech Support was hit today with the jobs being in Egypt now

Watching IBM another wave of cuts in TSS UK started this week, part 2 of the 2016 cull…

Watching IBM Please post as anonymous: I’m in the number this time. After over 15yrs and then several 2+ ratings. But of course this happens right after Thanksgiving and before the 401K match time.

Watching IBM Please keep anonymous..mgrs in gts were ra’d yesterday employees still be told in gts as i write this

Watching IBM Please keep anonymous. I was RA’ed today. I’m in the CIO. Was told that the reason is that my position is being eliminated due to co-location strategy to limit # of locations that CIO personnel are in. Some of my work will be transitioned to other resources & other work eliminated. I don’t know of other folks affected. Nearly 20 years service and a whole 1 month pay 😞

Watching IBM Anon: 15 years in this month. I got notified this morning my last day will be Nov 29th with 4 week severance. I am in the GTS area, my manager has to let go over 50% her people. The work is being moved to GDF since it’s all restricted work and we can’t send it offshore.

Watching IBM Anon: GTS is hit and they are hitting tech people also. Just happened to one of my team mates
11/29 last day

Watching IBM Anonymous please. RAs today in Software Group. 90 days to find another job and 1 month severance. Selection criteria was not shared. Co-worker had 19+ years tenure and 50+ years of age. Prayers for those impacted.

Watching IBM Anonymous please : Today was my turn too. Over 30 years of service, mostly 2+ and 1 ratings. Actively working on a contract. Angry about how it is handled, sad to see the end of my IBM career. Weary of wondering if or when this would happen. FrusSee More

Watching IBM want to remain anon please. RA happening today in the US, GTS managers are making calls… not sure who is involved yet.

Watching IBM Please keep anon: Just got the call. US based in GTS global. Manager says HR calling it Work Elimination in US. Didn’t have overall numbers but said it was widespread and impacting 2 in group. Both “retirement eligible”.

Watching IBM Pls post anonumously : Tomorrow 344 dutch colleagues will be RA’d

Watching IBM Anonymous please: RA’d today in USA Storage Presales (CTS). Multiple 2+ ratings, exceeded quota past 2 years, top quarter of organization. 90 days notice 1 month severance.

Job cuts March 1st and 2nd 2016

You are correct. I get my packet in the morning. The big screw job is that I’m only getting 1 month severance instead of the 25 weeks I am entitled when I was hired. I’m thrilled I will be gone in 90 days and “stick them” for my vacation pay.

Heard notifications are going out tomorrow morning. Transformation and Operations. Aggressive. US and Global Delivery Centers effected. US employees are given 90 days notice and 1 month severance. Won’t that be fun for everyone?

Sent to Watching IBM: “After 41 plus years I got the call today. How many more ways can they take from hard working IBM’rs? I was ready to go last year when they had the severance package. Why didn’t they do it then? We have been living and working with this “writing on the wall” for years. What stings the most is the severance cut. But as everyone who is now an ex IBM’r I have only heard positive move in their lives. Praying for the same. Good luck to all who are caught in this today. ”

“I am a GTS Strategic Outsourcing casualty of the mass firing today. My manager told me it was big and widespread, and I’d be hearing from a lot of people that will also be notified today. My official end date is May 31, 2016 (90 days) and the severance package is 1 month. I was encouraged to look for jobs inside IBM and was told that they are “plentiful” and “open”. Even if I were to believe that, I’m not sure why I would stay, looking over my shoulder every month or so waiting for the IBM axe wielders to come for me again. I’m looking forward to moving on and leaving this nightmare behind me. I wish everyone good luck, whether you are staying or going. I’m not sure which group is going to need it more.

Job cut. GTS division as a service delivery manager.

Latest areas getting cut: AA IBM CMS Cloud Division; AMS Strategic Technical Services; Global Services Parts Operations; GTS Strategic Outsourcing. Workers are also reporting work is being moved offshore to Hungary and Brazil.
 Cuts in Poughkeepsie. Laid off as off as of 5/31 with one month severance. I believe all HWP in the strategic sites are being laid off. Inconceivable on someone taking over for us in 3 months but never under estimate this place. My manager was also let go.”
It seems that massive layoffs are taking place across IBM today. I am now in the Cloud division (as the result of a reorg last month), based in the U.S. We have a cross-functional team of approximately 25 people responsible for one of the earliest (and most successful) Cloud offerings in our previous division’s portfolio. Today found out that we are losing at least 4 people with the current RA.
The team has been spread increasingly thin over the last year to the point where we really can’t keep the service up and running smoothly and keep customers happy with the continuous improvements they expect. Instead, we are mandated to invest our limited resources in Marketing enhancements (that customers don’t care about) that will enable us to sell more of the product. Customers are becoming increasingly unhappy. The wheels are falling off the wagon.


January 29, 2016

Sources say todays job cut postponed until February 5.


Jan 8, 2016