Job Cut Survival Doc

IBM Employee Job Cut Survival Kit
Helpful Information
Be aware this is from 2013 some things might be outdated

Things to do:

  • Ask for an extension. Business reasons are best, but you can present a personal hardship. They can always say no (and likely will) but never hurts to ask.
  • In seeking another job within IBM be sure to reach out to all current IBM colleagues and those current employees you’ve worked with on prior projects. Be sure to reach out to those folks in other divisions within IBM.
  • Start building your contact list.
  • Store off-line any information you might want from W3 such as methods, manuals, project plans, presentations, trainings, etc.
  • Download and/or print all your PAs, recommendations, notes of recognition, etc. Useful to have and a good memory jog for your resume.
  • If you have any external websites/subscriptions using your IBM email address, start converting them to your personal email address.
  • If you want to avail yourself to any IBM discounts/perks, now is the time to do so.
  • IBM will ask you to return your IBM ID Card. You might want to keep it, so you can get IBM discounts at local museums, car rentals, etc. If so, you might want to say you lost your ID card and obtain a replacement. When separation finally happens, give them back the latest ID.
  • Start drafting your farewell emails – to colleagues, to former clients, to friends & family letting them know about the upcoming change, your new contact info, and even perhaps the kind of future opportunity you are seeking. Send out about a week before your final day so no responses get lost in the transition. Update your contact list if need-be.
  • Day before final day, send and out-of-office message advising people that you left the firm and here is your new contact info.
  • You will eventually need to return your laptop so if you need a laptop for yourself, now is the time to start looking.
  • Begin building your external resume
  • Start building your LinkedIn profile and establish connections. Seek LinkedIn recommendations.
  • Good time to start reaching out to Headhunters/Recruiters.
  • While you still have access to IBM systems, print off your salary history and pension history and take it home. (Even if you get 30 days to “find another job in IBM”, you may no longer have access to these systems).
  • If you have any files at work listing award history, education history or other personal information, print them and take them home. Education history can be important in establishing the skills you list in your resume.
  • Write down exactly how much vacation and floating holiday time that you’ve used. Make sure you have taken credit for all your holidays. Unused holidays are forfeited.
  • If you are in a location where 500 or more employees have been let go within 30 days, IBM must conform to the federal WARN act and give you 60 days’ notice and 60 days’ pay.
  • If you are over 40 years old, please file an age discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); their web site is This is particularly important if your area has new college hires. Document if new hires are brought into your former area after you have been let go.
  • Locate copies of your appraisals and PBC ratings and take them home. IBM won’t voluntarily give you any reference information after you are gone. Plus, if you decide to file a complaint with the EEOC, you will need a record of your performance. Even if you don’t lose your job at this time it is always good practice to keep your personal records at home.
  • Keep in contact with co-workers who remain at IBM. Be sure to make a list of their external email id’s and phone numbers so you can contact them. Sometimes the best source of a new job is one of your colleagues.
  • Send a note to the IBM pension administrator ( asking for a copy of your current vested rights in both annuity form and cash form. Provide your serial number and home address.
  • DO NOT assume your manager is watching out for your best interests. They too may be laid off and looking for a job themselves. If they give you a window for finding another job inside IBM, make the calls yourself and send out as many resumes as possible. If your job has been eliminated do to offshoring be sure to check out Trade Adjustment Assistance




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