Welcome to Watching IBM

This website is the companion to the Watching IBM facebook page.
Documents, articles as well as archived job cut comments from over the years are in the menu.
Thank you for visiting and spread the word. Help break the silence inside IBM.
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4 Responses to Welcome to Watching IBM

  1. Anon says:

    I’m not part of IBM. I’m an experienced SAP consultant in the US, who is wondering whether I should pursue an IBM GBS consulting opportunity at the Senior consultant / Managing consultant level.

    Are layoffs still continuing for GBS?


  2. anonymous says:

    Anonymous please. Pretty despicable how this RA cuts people right before Dec 15th 401K match date and the holidays. I was included in this RA or should I say ‘invited to participate in the Skills Transformation plan’… LoL


  3. Barry says:

    Anonymous please… Just got the call as I was on vacation last week. 56 years old (11 years). Cloud Tech Sales. The same BS about skills rebalancing. The usual 90 days.+1 month. Kind of relieved but what really pisses me off is that my last day is right before the Dec 15th 401K match day… so I get screwed out of >$10k in 401 match money.


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