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August 31, 2016 job cuts

Anon: Still processing the information but there is an RA in progress and “I am affected”. I’m in GTS (work from home Boulder) and do mainframe engagement solutioning but it sounds like it will be larger than GTS. Word is … Continue reading

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In the Belly of the IBM Beast

By an anonymous IBM employee IBM just released its 2Q 2016 results, and I waited with bated breath to see if the truth would come out this time. I’m used to waiting with bated breath. All of us IBMers do … Continue reading

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Outsourced, Lied to and Betrayed

My experience working with IBM by an anonymous employee. Like many other GTS employees, I became an employee when my company decided to outsource IT to IBM. At the time it was sold to us as a great chance to … Continue reading

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Initial survey results of March 2nd RA

For a better view use zoom. Respondent’s answers to where jobs are being offshored to: Brazil, India, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Ireland,Czech Republic, Poland, China, Hungary and Romania.

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It’s a Disgrace

  By Lee Conrad March 2nd, 2016 started for many IBM workers like any other work day, except there was more than the usual tension and misgivings in the air. Some had heard the drumbeat that bad news was on … Continue reading

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Sunrise or Sunset at IBM?

By Lee Conrad IBM has gone through many changes over the past decades. People who worked for IBM before the 1990’s would not recognize it today. Gone are the family and worker friendly perks and practices. Benefit cuts, pay cuts, … Continue reading

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